Winchester EVOLUTION 55 | 2017 Model | Mechanical Dial Lock

List Price: $2,066.77
Item Price : $2,050.67-$2,065.65 Check Price
Item ASIN: B06W2N5ZP8
Top Feature :
Recessed door and reinforced steel return jambs thwart pry attacks

Item Description:

This all-new super Wide body evolution doesn’t look like a “typical gun safe” – because it’s anything but typical. Part traditional storage for anything from hunting rifles to heirlooms, part modular and fully convertible to accommodate the changing shape of your collection. Traditional “one size fits all” barrel racks cause grief for carbines, pistol conversions and other modern sporting rifles, but the evolution’s 16-gauge modular panel system allows you to move individual gun rests up and down to suit your firearms in any shape and size. Store full builds with accessories intact using our unique dual-barrel rests that better utilize available space in your safe. Handguns are stored more efficiently on quick-access handgun pins on the panel system, freeing the door of your safe to hold small items and MOLLE-compatible gear

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